The Christmas Countdown: Captivating and Exciting Online Casino Games Like Spartacus Slot

Yes, Christmas Eve is a much awaited day for most people. Considering the interest of the players and the need of the hour, casinos have come up with the Christmas themed slots. However, it has come a bit early at with the Christmas Countdown. The Christmas Countdown is basically an advent calendar launched by this casino. It comes with a seasonal spin to keep you waiting for Christmas in style.

Origin of Advent Calendars and Christmas Countdown

While talking about the history of these traditional advent calendars, it was introduced by the Germans in the mid nineteenth century. Further, the very first printed calendars came into picture in early 1900s only. Through these calendars, people used to mark doors and count days left for Christmas. In today’s era, it has become much easier, as people can open a door with just few clicks of the mouse.

The Christmas Countdown at has analysed what people want and what can actually captivate their attention. Keeping in mind all the factors, it has tried to offer unique treat every day to its punters through Christmas Countdown. Once you have signed up at this casino, you will be able to make the best out of special and bonuses that are available round the clock. However, you need to be very quick to grab these bonuses, as they will otherwise be lost.

As the name suggests, the theme is entirely Christmassy. You will see those flying reindeers in the sky and a beautiful blue moon in the background. In fact, you will be excited to see the Santa Claus and his canine assistants at the first page at which you are taken after clicking the Christmas Countdown. These assistants are hanged onto the roof and go well with the entire theme. So, you will then be able to click the door of the advent calendar in order to reveal the gift. Make sure that you do not make any delays while grabbing these gifts. The days that are passed are dusted. It is as interesting as Spartacus slot is.

Special Bonuses and Deals as the Christmas Countdown Begins

The site offer some of the most amazing reload bonuses. It includes 50 percent bonus up to $500 and the ‘double your deposit’ bonus option. In fact, you can get more bonuses in the embroidered sleeve of the Santa Claus. The site also offers special prizes just after you have made your first deposit at it. You can expect to receive a deluxe Christmas hamper, scratch card and other gifts. Yes, you can also get 10% cash back facility too. No doubt, cash back is always the finest option for the players.

The two festive promotional offers are available to every player after signing up at the website. These promotions are free to open and will provide you an opportunity to try games without paying anything. Thus, if you want to learn any game before trying it for real money, you can do that at at any time.

The Final Verdict has in it everything that a player requires. The casino promises some of the best things that include gifts, goodies, seasonal fillers and relishing seasonal stuffing. In case, you have missed out any deals or the 24 days bonuses are not enough for you then you can wait for the Christmas day. Yes, the site is going to offer something special on the Christmas day and on its following 12 days.

Thus, what are you waiting for? is the ideal place where you can celebrate Christmas in the most lavish style and can fill your pockets with cash. So, just sign up at and start using the Christmas Countdown!

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