Poland to Introduce New Gambling Bill to Legalise Online Casino Games Like Spartacus Slot

The government of Poland has already taken its action on online gambling laws. Seven years ago, it outlawed gambling but today, it is planning to consider a new bill. According to this new legislation, sports betting and online poker will be made legal in the country as it was before.

In the Words of the Deputy Prime Minister About the New Gambling Bill

Jaroslaw Gowin, the deputy PM mentioned in an interview with Polish Radio that the government is actively working on the new legislation. He also added that the country had earlier faced multi-billion losses. It happened right after the Gambling Act was launched by Donald Tusk, then Prime Minister in 2009. The losses occurred because the gambling outside casinos was banned completely. However, the present Prime Minister believes that the law must be changed today in order to recover the losses.

Yes, it is true that online gambling industry contributes to the maximum profit of the nation. He also added that bookmakers will continue to operate in the marginal economy. According to Gowin, gambling is going to remain in a shady area for at least next few months. Also, the Poles are expected to lose roughly around PLN 100-300 million per month. He has finally assured that the bill has been approved by the European Commission.

The Efficient Planning of the Finance Ministry for the New Gambling Bill

Poland’s Ministry of Finance is all set to make the required modifications in the bill. The ministry confirmed that the amendments will include casino operators to offer online slots. Nonetheless, these operators must work under the gaming guidelines and should follow all the gambling protection laws. The law further revealed that these slots will be nationalized and will be promoted to attract the attention of punter across the nation.

The ministry has also planned to legalize all the land-based slots on condition that these slots will be covered by the state monopoly. In addition to this, it has also realised that online slots are very addictive and can be of great harm. Hence, the ministry is planning to ensure that these slots will be allowed only in the dedicated areas under control. The ministry is trying it’s hard to boost up its efforts to enforce against all the international operators that are today rendering their services in the Polish Market.

The finance ministry has revealed that the new gambling law will be enforced from the 1st January 2017 and will be applied to all the casinos. At present, it has confirmed that the recommended amendments have been submitted to the different branches of the government to take their approval on the same. Gowin has also stated that the second bill will also be introduced after the clear success of the first one. After the first law has liberalized the entire system and has established the fact that the bill is safe to be used by the bookmaker services and to play online poker, the second bill will be considered.


It can be clearly seen that the government of Poland is now reconsidering the legalization of gambling in the nation. The country has understood that it is only gambling that can balance its losses incurred in the past months when gambling was banned. No doubt, the news of the new bill has come as a ray of hope for all the online gaming developers and operators who were otherwise facing great losses in their business. Now, these operators are going to enter the market again with a bang with the most interesting slots like Spartacus slot to captivate the attention of the punters. On the other hand, players are all excited to play their favorite slots once again and make cash.

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