The Repercussions of the US Presidential Election 2016 on Online Casino Games like Spartacus Slot

The United States is still wondering about the effect of presidential elections 2016 on the online poker industry. The gambling world is still not clear whether the president elect Donald Trump will prove to be a boon or a curse to online poker. While talking about the opinions of different spokesperson in the gaming industry, some mention that Trump is going to encourage online poker, as it contributes to the country’s revenue greatly. On the other hand, some argue that he is going to ban all kinds of online gambling. Thus, it can be seen that the opinions are just contrasting to each other.

However, if Trump bans the online gambling then thousands of Americans will be left disappointed, as online gaming has not only remained a hobby but has become an earning source for many. Nobody would actually want to wake up with the news of online slots like Spartacus slots and sports betting being banned. The present situation shows that there is hardly anything to worry about. Americans are very hopeful of Donald Trump.

Trump: For And Against Online Poker

The major reason behind Trump encouraging the online poker in the future can be the presence of his own casinos in Atlantic City. He himself considers online gambling as the major source of revenue, so is expected not to ban online poker. On the other hand, the future Vice President of the United States, the counterpart of Trump has publically appealed the legislators to stand by the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) online gambling ban.
Further, the Republican candidate, Donald Trump is actively supported by Sheldon Adelson who is the owner of Las Vegas Sands and has the only aim of establishing an online gambling ban. Therefore, it can be seen that Trump has got the reasons for both encouraging and banning the online gambling activities in America.

The Latest Version of RAWA

Recently, the news flashed the newest version of RAWA introduced by US Senator from Arkansas, Tom Cotton. Lindsey Graham, US Senator from South Carolina and Mike Lee, US Senator from Utah sponsored the bill right after the time when Sheldon Adelson made a donation of $20 million to PAC. PAC is further known to have close ties with Senate leadership. Nonetheless, it is still a doubt whether this step was taken deliberately or it is just a coincidence.
Seeing the strong opposition, the executive director of the Poker Players Alliance, John Pappas mentions that hardly any time would come when online gambling will be taken as a priority issue in the White House. He adds that the situation will hardly change in the United States, as no active decisions have been taken yet to encourage online gambling. Pappas has further mentioned that the Republicans are highly expected to pass the bill into law when the lame duck session of the congress will be in progress in the month of December 2016. Pappas is only looking forward to the legalisation of online poker.

The Bottom Line

The final verdict can only be made after the new president has taken over his seat. Regardless of the Trump’s decision, it is expected that the Americans will not lose their pastime and an earning source. The new president will bring about only the positive changes that will be in the welfare of the nation. However, in case the restrictive law is passed then it will become next to impossible to legalize online poker in the US, bringing a disappointment to the players. Discussions and debates are still on but the final decision is yet to be witnessed.

The Rising Prominence of Online Casino Games like Spartacus Slot

This piece of writing talks about commendable developments that have taken place in the popularisation of online gaming slots. The nations around the world have joined hands together to captivate the attention of more and more millennial punters by increasing the popularity of online gaming. In addition, the internet has greatly supported the online gambling casinos in encouraging thousands and millions of people to place their bets online.

The Role of Internet in the Online Casino Revolution and Casino Games Like Spartacus Slot

It is very true that internet has brought about a great revolution in the online casinos. Right from the time when casino online slots like Spartacus slots made their way to mobile slots in mid-2000s, the popularity of online casinos has increased a lot. In fact, the mobile slots have opened up more opportunities for the casinos and the punters. The revenues of the casinos have increased, as they have players for both the mediums. On the other hand, the players find it very convenient to try their favorite slots right from their mobile phones anywhere and at any time when they want especially the younger audience. With the mobile access, the punters are able to explore more and more forms of gambling.

The Status of Video Slots

While talking about the video slots, their status has not changed drastically. The only change that can be seen is the changing ways of getting into these games. In addition to this, Bitcoin has also added stars to the online casino world. With Bitcoin, players have now acquired the opportunity to make the deposits and withdrawals without any hassles while playing video slots. You can now enjoy a much better gaming experience and can easily place your wagers.

The Increasing Interest of the Millennials

The online gambling world has witnessed better response from the millennial. It is because the young generation is today looking out for the most advanced alternatives of entertainment. Another reason is that this generation is tech savvy and prefers everything online. They need everything in just few clicks of their laptop or their smartphone, which ultimately makes mobile online gaming, their preferred choice.

On the other hand, the gambling industry is also aligning itself to fulfill the needs and satiate the taste of the young generation by introducing the most exciting slots ever. It can be seen that people between 18 and 40 years are gambling more than the older generation. In some parts of the world, punters are even allowed to show their gambling skills with no deposit bonus like in the social casinos of the United States.

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin has today become the most referred digital currency for online gambling. It is the safest method of transaction, as no one can tamper or counterfeit this currency. In fact, even the banks hardly hold any power over its usage. Every payment and wagers placed through Bitcoin is kept confidential and is irreversible. Today, majority of the websites have started accepting Bitcoin payments to develop a safer environment.

It will not be a surprise to see casinos offering rewards to their players in terms of small Bitcoin amounts for different activities like completing the captcha forms. Even the gambling commissions of various nations have also taken the decision to declare Bitcoin as the recognized currency like others. The decision has been taken keeping in mind the future and the profits of Bitcoin only casinos that can operate well only if the Bitcoin is declared as a recognized currency.

It can be clearly seen that the craze of online gambling has increased over the years and overall status of the online gambling industry has boosted to a considerable extent.

G2E 2016 Introduced Solutions to Attract Youth through Online Casino Games like Spartacus Slot

With the recently held Global Gaming Expo (G2E) 2016, it is time to review and shed light on the various events and outcomes of it. This year’s gaming expo was interesting and drew attention of delegates from around the world like always. The three day conference had various speakers speaking on various gaming related topics and a number of other exhibitors that exhibited their new products and gaming technology.

A Take on VR and Skill-based Online Casino Games

The gaming expo 2016 focused on Virtual Reality (VR) games and other skill based games. It actually became the highlight of the entire expo. The speakers discussed that the VR and skill based games can be the best solution to the problems of the millennial. It can not only attract them but keep them engaged in such games for a long time.

In addition to this, the different casino operators that were an active participant in the expo highlighted the need to offer something unique and captivating to the young generation to regenerate their interest in gambling. They said that since the millennial are ready to accept the new technology, VR games can greatly help in rekindling their gambling passion.

Besides this, another hot topic for the expo was the laws of the United States regarding online gambling. The expo witnessed frustration of many of the online gambling operators operating in the US. They believe that the laws in the nation have become stale and they should now be renewed. The MGC Chairman Stephen Crosby and New Jersey DGE Director David Rebuck talked about various regulatory topics in the event. They expressed the reasons behind any positive results of the prohibition and the need of changing the regulations. The duo remarked that it is the time to evolve with the industry and walk hand in hand with it.

ACS With a Unique Solution

ACS PlayOn came up with an outstanding and unique solution to keep the interest of the young punters intact in the gambling. It realized that the young generation never prefers carrying the cash either to traditional casino or depositing it to the casino’s account. As a result, it presented the idea of a device that could help youth in buying chips through their credit or debit card. This device will not only save the time but avoid any kinds of interruption while playing. The players will no more have to walk to the ATM every time when they need money and waste their time and efforts. For sure, it is going to improve the gambling experience for young punters, according to ACS.

On the other hand, the founder of The Generational Imperative Inc., Chuck Underwood focused on the fact that the young generation should and must not be overlooked at all. It is simply because that the young generation contributes a lot to the growth and development of the gambling industry. The industry must always try to cater to their gambling needs and offer them something attractive at all times like Spartacus slots and other unique table games.

The Bottom Line

It is true that G2E 2016 proved to be a great success and is sure to contribute in the development of the gaming industry. After seeing the intentions and words of various gaming industry experts at the event, it is clear that they are all set to put in their time and efforts to bring about the positive changes. They are ready to put in more resources to meet the unmet gaming needs of the punters. Thus, it can be said that all the delegates of the expo have returned with a great experience and with newness in their minds.

Various Gambling Issues and Concern over Online Casinos and Casino Games like Spartacus Slot in Australia

Australia, the land of opportunity is the much preferred vacation spot and an ideal place for living. Like the place, the people of the nation are also very interesting with their keen interest in casino gambling. People of every age group here have an amazing passion for different slot games like Spartacus slot and other table games.

According to the survey, around 80% Australians counts of gambling as their pastime. In addition, the variety of games, casinos and gambling options are just endless in this massive online gambling market of the planet. Out of all, online pokies is the most preferred and famous game among the Australian punters. It will not be a surprise to see thousands of punters playing online pokies at a single time and enjoying a wide array of real money online pokies.

Issues Regarding Casino Gambling in Australia

It is a fact that the Australian Government brought an Interactive Gambling Act in the year2001. According to this act, it made all the real money online casinos in the country to restrict the entry of Australian players. This was actually done thinking that the Australians will develop an addiction of gambling, which will ultimately be not in the nation’s interest. Under this act, it asked all such real money websites to not permit the registration of players from Australia.

However, the other fact that cannot be overlooked is that the Australian players then move to other foreign sites when they are restricted from their home sites. On the other hand, the government declared that the punters with the addiction of gambling can seek aid from different problem gambling organizations that work towards helping such addicts in Australia. It also made it clear that the gaming regulatory measures may vary from state to another. Since the responsibility for gaming is shouldered by different states and territories, the rules and regulations are bound to be different.

The Increasing Trend of e-Sports Betting

In Australia, the craze for e-Sports betting has increased like anything. It has even attracted the attention of international tourists and the Australian residents, of course. However, this has also become a cause of big debate in the nation’s different jurisdictions. While talking about the action of the government on this, it can be seen that the Australian government requested the independent gaming authority of the country to restrict gambling on the live events of eSports. Nonetheless, even after such an advice, numbers of Australian online bookies are still offering opportunities to punters to gamble on e-sports live events and other contests.

As a result of all this, the issue of increasing number of online pokies has become a major concern for the politicians of the country. The reason behind such concern is that these politicians fear that the spread and increasing trend of eSports betting and online gambling will decrease the productivity of the youth. It will corrupt the minds of the youth who otherwise have the power to bring about a revolution and usher Australia to a better future. No doubt, the concern of these politicians is totally justified.

In the Words of John Rau

John Rau is the South Australia’s Consumer and Business Affairs Minister and he recently commented on the subject of online pokies. He mentioned that the young age group is highly susceptible to the attraction of online gambling and other sporting contests. He said that it the duty of the Australian government to keep this generation away from such fatal attraction and keep them cyber safe at all times. The online casinos and gambling must not be introduced to them in the name of a just a game, he added.

BAC 2016 to Discuss about Various Casinos and Amazing Casino Games like Spartacus Slot

The much awaited Berlin Affiliate Conference (BAC) is expected to take place by the end of this month. This conference has been scheduled from 20th to 23rd October by the organizer, iGB Affiliate. It is known that this conference is going to break all the earlier records by exceptional attendance of 3,000.

The Messe Berlin exhibition center is all set to be the host for this colossal industry event. It is true that BAC has always gained the attention and due importance of all the gaming operators. While talking about the sponsors, the event is not short of it. Bet365 is going to be the overall sponsor for this year’s BAC including the other sponsors like William Hill, 10Bet, 888, Paysafe, NetBet, Intertops and others.

The Participants of BAC 2016

The organizer, iGB has made it clear that this year’s conference will be witnessed by the leading experts of the industry. The main purpose of inviting these experts is to make them share their experiences and ideas from within the industry. The other participants at the event will include very popular gambling operators, legal specialists, software developers and the different gambling regulators. It is sure that the attendees are going to gain a rich experience and learn a lot from this diverse curriculum.

Some of the very famous personalities attending the conference includes Dr. Andreas Blaue , who has set his name in advertising and promotion of all the major gambling channels and Alexandre Tomic can share his insights from the point of view of an affiliate casino operator and an executive of affiliate networking. In addition to this, the CEO of Merkur Media, Dr. Dirk Quermann will preside over the conference with his software perspective while Jake Pollard of iGB is going to present his views and ideas on producing the online content. Thus, it can be seen that these invitees are going to have a powerful influence in the BAC 2016 are sure to make a remarkable difference this year.

The Schedule of BAC 2016

While talking about the entire schedule of this conference 2016, it will commence with the pre-registration of the participants on the first day. The day will proceed welcome drinks in the late-afternoon after which, all the participants will get an opportunity to interact with each other in the networking party in the evening that very day.

On day two, the exhibition will actually start. This exhibition will have captivating displays from different casinos from all around the globe offering unique slot games like Spartacus Slot and highlights of other affiliate networks. At this very time, the different speakers invited to speak will speak on the designated topics for a particular time given. After the speeches, a networking party will be held for all to meet the speakers and discuss about the various points highlighted in their speeches. Everybody will be able to share their views and expressions freely and openly in this party.

The day three will also include speeches of various other speakers lined up. After that, a last networking party will take place on the Saturday evening in which the participants will have the last opportunity to discuss and share. On the day four, the last day, will wind up everything with the very final session in the Sunday afternoon.

The Bottom Line

According to the media reports, the official app of BAC will have entire updates about the conference 2016 with the entire day-wise schedule of it. No doubt, this year’s conference is going to break all the records of previous all the conferences held until now.

The Melco-Hard Rock Consortium to Make Billions through Slot Games like Spartacus Slot

The news doing the rounds all over the world is that the association of Melco-Hard Resorts Cyprus has submitted its final bid for the integrated resort casino. The bid was filed in the second phase of the tender invitation of the government. The proposed casino is being planned to be built in Limassol, which the consortium thinks is the ideal location.

Take of the Commerce Ministry

The commerce ministry said that the last day for the submissions of the bid was Wednesday and the consortium has placed the bid within the right time. It declared that it was glad to receive the bid from CNS Group and Melco-Hard Rock Resorts Cyprus consortium, which consists of Melco International Development Ltd. After acquiring the casino license, the association of these two will be able to operate an integrated casino resort.

The best part is that the license will be valid for the next 30 years, which means that the casino can be run for three decades without any legal interruptions. It will be under a monopoly for the first 15 years and will be allowed for a satellite casino and slot machine parlors anywhere. Thus, the consortium is expected to make set a landmark in the entire industry through slot games such as Spartacus Slot and others that are famous among the players.

While talking about the ministry’s reaction on this, it feels great that these two giants with years of experience are entering in the integrated casino sector. The ministry is quite sure that the colossi will manage the construction and management projects successfully like they have been doing so far. It is a boon for the government that the consortium has chosen Cyprus to mark its name in the European market.

About the Government’s Tender

The first leg of the government’s tender captivated eight expressions of interest out of which, only three were nominated. After this, the two of them including Bloomberry of the Philippines and Cambodian Nagacorp withdrew leaving the Melco-Hard consortium as the only contender. The main reason behind their withdrawal was that they were unable to hunt for the appropriate and affordable land. Due to this, they acquired an extension of three months from the deadline to make the final bidding. According to the reports, these two were finding the lands in Paphos and Larnaca.

In the Words of the Undersecretary to the President

The undersecretary to the President Constantinos Petrides recently remarked on a social networking site that the investor is going to commence with the construction work in the first quarter of the year 2017 after the proposal has been consented by the government. This statement was made by the undersecretary after the final bids were submitted.

He added by saying that the Cyprus economy is going to enjoy great profits after the completion of this project with the creation of hundreds & thousands of jobs, improvement in the tourist products and with the capital investment of more than €500 million. He is positive about the proposal and confirmed that the government is only one step away from providing the casino license. It is just waiting for the proposal to meet the entire terms and conditions of the tender process.


After all the bids already placed, it is known that the final bid might not differ from the initial bid by more than 5%. It has been made clear by the director of the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency, Natasa Pilides. She even said that the final bid will be in consistence with the initial one despite of the fact that there is only one consortium left. The deviation cannot be much. Hence, the results are still awaited!

LeoVegas Live Online Casino Offers Interactive Experience

Online gambling might be more convenient and affordable than playing the same games at a brick and mortar establishment, but many players have pointed out that they miss the social element of gambling when they visit these sites. In fact, there is quite a bit of demand for live online casinos where players can take in the action at casino tables via a live feed. Not only can they interact with the dealer managing these games, but they can also communicate with the other players at the table via chat.

It is not the same as sitting face-to-face on the game table, but it’s still much better than no interaction at all. Overall, this is a great deal of fun thanks to the realistic feel, and one can play these casino games for ages.

LeoVegas Live Online Casino

LeoVegas Gaming has one of the most interesting live casinos in the business and it has built up quite a large customer base from the time it came into operation in 2012. According to LeoVegas Gaming Live Casino Manager, Jacqui Gatt, the casino has put in a lot of effort to ensure that it offers exactly what customers are looking for.

It offers the best possible selection of live games when compared to any other site, offering tables made by at least six different leading software providers in the industry. The live casino has a very good reputation for offering exclusive games and its themed studio known as Chambre Séparée caters to discerning customers who wish to play high quality games of Blackjack and 24hr Roulette.

An interesting special feature of LeoVegas is its live stream from a number of land-based casinos in Malta including the Portomaso, Oracle, and Dragonara. The company has also started streaming games from the luxurious St. Vincent resort and casino in Italy.

LeoVegas makes use of state-of-the-art technology to ensure that customers have a superb time gambling on the site. The user experience offered by the casino is one of the best in the industry. Live casino streaming is very popular because it enables players to enjoy their favourite casino table games without having to go all the way to a brick and mortar casino. Customers can skip from one table to another with the greatest of ease and don’t have to jostle with other players for a place at the table.

Initially, live casino gaming was not available on mobile phones on account of issues such as screen size, connectivity and processing power. These are all now problems of the past since mobile devices have the necessary technology to make highly interactive gaming possible. In fact, many mobile phones offer a gaming experience comparable to that of a desktop.

LeoVegas also ensures customer satisfaction by offering a large variation of stake limits. This ensures that recreational gamblers will find a low stake table whereas high rollers will get the big stake tables they are accustomed to playing on. The gaming site also offers multiple options for money transfer. Customers can also contact the site in case they require any assistance concerning the use of the site. All in all, this is an excellent site that offers gamblers a fabulous experience.

An award-winning casino, a £5.6 million win on a mobile phone was the largest mobile win ever at LeoVegas, setting a world record. LeoVegas has a separate section called the Live Casino that you can browse and pick the live game that you want to play. At the time of writing this, there were more than 50 live games that you can play. Of course, these are all variations of blackjack, roulette and other card games like poker and baccarat.

Virtual Reality to Transform Online Casinos

Virtual Reality (VR) games have become absolutely thrilling these days, thanks to groundbreaking advances in technology. In fact, the latest Virtual Reality headsets have the ability to make the games far more immersive and realistic than before. It is no exaggeration to say that they are miles ahead of the previous generation of VR games, which were no doubt quite good, but not terribly realistic.

Consisting mostly of action adventure games at the present time (for reasons that should be obvious!), this new technology has the potential to change the way the online gaming industry looks and functions.


It has to be admitted that there aren’t too many VR games in the gambling industry as of now. As a matter of fact, there aren’t any, but for a few VR poker games available on online poker sites. However, internet gambling industry is known to adopt new technologies with remarkable speed, which is one reason that has contributed to its phenomenal growth. According to people in the know, there is a good chance that VR will soon be adopted by this industry with far reaching consequences for everyone concerned.

Gaming Software development companies are beginning to show a great deal of interest in VR technology because this is clearly the direction in which the industry is heading. While online gambling is no doubt increasing in popularity at an amazingly fast rate, its detractors maintain that it cannot as yet provide a truly inclusive experience.

People love gambling online for its convenience and cost effectiveness, but they still love the atmosphere of land based casinos. The development of VR games might finally bridge the gap between online and land based casinos to the benefit of gamblers everywhere. Think of how exciting it would be if people could log into a gambling site and ‘walk’ up to their favourite games!

Virtual Reality Headsets

The VR headset is able to offer an immersive virtual reality experience to the wearer. Although, they are widely used in computer games, they are also used in some other applications, including trainers and simulators. The first ever VR headset was announced in 1994, which was the Forte VFX1. A few years later, none other than Sony pioneered and released Glasstron in 1997.

Today, VR headsets as well as viewers are being designed for smartphones. They have been developed by Samsung and LG.

Virtual Reality Opens Up a World of Excitement in Online Games

If VR games could finally make their way to online casinos, then players would be able to enjoy an unmatched immersive experience. What’s more is that, while they can chat with other players at present, they would also be able to socialise with other players via their VR avatars in the future. This will take the online gambling experience to a completely new level altogether and help the industry expand further.

Virtual Reality Needs a Big Investment

There is without doubt a long way to go before VR online gaming will become commonplace because the technology necessary for it will have to be developed fully. There will be costly software and hardware required, and the industry will have to invest in it.

In addition, individual players will also have to invest in the right headsets or any other equipment. One can even go so far as to say that a gaming company or an online casino that hasn’t invested in VR technology will be extremely hard pressed to maintain its existing customer base or add to it since this technology is going to be in great demand once it is made available.

Bitcoin Option Necessary in Online Casinos

The online gambling industry is quite different from its land based counterpart in that changes happen in the former very rapidly. While the internet based gambling industry cannot offer glitz and glamour, it does offer a highly personalised and convenient gambling experience thanks to the speed with which it adopts new technology. As a matter of fact, newly established online casinos tend to have far more innovations than their older brick and mortar counterparts, which tend to be stuck in a rut. This is particularly seen in the options made available for money transactions.


Customers, no doubt, want to play the latest games and get a chance to win the biggest jackpots. However, what they really like is to be able to deposit and withdraw money easily and cheaply. Online casinos, therefore, need to offer them a number of convenient options, all perfectly legal, for money transfers so that they can get down to gambling and playing without any delays or interruptions, and at the best possible price.

Another factor in play here is that there is very little uniformity in laws concerning online gambling from one jurisdiction to another. This is particularly seen in the United States where laws vary from state to state. Take the example of PayPal, which pulled out of the gambling industry in 2013 because of regulatory issues, but eventually entered again after some states in the US legalised online gambling to a limited extent. Even so, PayPal doesn’t offer its services to all Americans who wish to gamble, but limits it to people from only those states where it is legal.

Bitcoin-A Good Option

Online gamblers do find themselves strapped for options when it comes for making payments, not only because of regulatory reasons but also on account of cost. This is where Bitcoin comes in. This crypto-currency is ideally suited for those people who need to go around government regulations concerning payments to gambling sites since it is independent of any country’s legal system.

Released as an open-source software in 2009, Bitcoin is a digital asset and a payment system that was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. This payment system became so popular that in February 2015, the number of merchants accepting bitcoin for their products and services surpassed 100,000!

Casinos generally do not have to collect personal data of people who pay with Bitcoins, as opposed to the detailed information they collect for other payment methods such as credit cards or bank transfers. Another advantage is that this currency has very low transaction fees. This is due to the fact that the typical 2-3% that credit card processors charge is a lot more than 0-2% that merchants have to shell out when accepting payments via bitcoin. Furthermore, it can easily be converted into any local currency without a problem.

People living in areas where online gambling is banned can easily use Bitcoin to pay at the gambling sites of their choice. This is also the preferred currency for anyone who wishes to retain their privacy when gambling on the internet.

It is no surprise, therefore, that a large number of people are opting to use Bitcoins for gambling. As a matter of fact, people have also started choosing casinos and other internet based gambling sites on the basis of whether they accept Bitcoins or not. Casinos that wish to stay in business in an extremely competitive field will no doubt have to follow the lead of forward thinking ones by opening up to this digital currency sooner or later. Some of the online casinos that already accept payments via bitcoin are Bit Casino, Bit Starz, Betcoin Poker, 7Bit Casino and Bovada Casino.

Tips To Rake In Millions When Gambling Online

Wouldn’t you just love to take home a huge amount of money for practically no effort and that too without breaking the law? Why don’t you give online gambling a try because this is a good way to win some extra cash? It goes without saying that there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to win money gambling because it’s all about how lucky you can get! Even so, you’ll be surprised to know that it’s quite possible to win lots of money when playing at online casinos. You just have to choose the right games!

Rake In Millions

Slots are the best games to play online for the simple reason that they can give you excellent returns for practically no effort; you can wager tiny sums of money on these games and don’t have to learn any special methods of playing. All you need to do is place your bets and let the reels do the trick for you. If you’re lucky, you can win a lot of money by wagering a very small amount.

However, you do need to learn about the most lucrative types of slot games so that you can try them out as well.

Progressive Jackpots Have The Biggest Wins

Regular slot games have fixed jackpots irrespective of how many people play them. Progressive jackpots, on the other hand, increase in size whenever an additional person plays them since a portion of the wager goes towards the jackpot amount. Whenever the jackpot is won by a lucky player, the pot gets seeded all over again at a minimum level. While some jackpots are linked to a particular slot game, others are linked to a large network since many online casinos have the same platform. Needless to say, the latter type of jackpots can grow very large quite quickly because thousands of people all across the globe are playing the same slot game. As a matter of fact, there are at least 30 different progressive slot games that give out million-dollar jackpots frequently.

Mega Moolah slot is one of the biggest progressive jackpot available on the internet today. This exciting slot game from Microgaming starts off with a pot of $1 million, but quickly touches $5 million. In fact, this slot has made so many players millionaires that it found its name in the Guinness Book of World Records for the ‘largest jackpot payout in an online slot machine game’  on 10 December 2015.

Hall of Gods slot, from Net Entertainment, gives out a win at least twice a year, each of which amounts to about $6 million. Other popular progressive slots are Jackpot Giant, Cleopatra’s Chest, Monster Madness, and Aladdin’s Lamp.

Tips To Get The Biggest Wins

Go through the following tips to ensure that your bankroll lasts as long as possible so that you can keep playing for a huge win:

  • Be aware of the rules of the game you are playing, particularly regarding the minimum amount to be wagered or else you might not qualify to collect a win. When in doubt, contact the customer support to get all the details.
  • Keep aside a budget to play progressive slot games. Since you’ll be wagering a higher amount than usual on these games, you might deplete your bankroll quickly and dip into your casino playing budget. Having a separate bank account or card only for gambling has worked well for many players.
  • Choose a slot game that hasn’t yet given out a jackpot. While the jackpot winners are decided absolutely randomly, there’s a good chance that a game will take a few months or so to be won.

So go ahead and play the game that seems most likely to have a win; you’ll have a great time gambling and might have lots of money to take away! You may want to consider progressive jackpot games other than Mega Moolah slot has there are already a ton of people playing it.