Tips To Rake In Millions When Gambling Online

Wouldn’t you just love to take home a huge amount of money for practically no effort and that too without breaking the law? Why don’t you give online gambling a try because this is a good way to win some extra cash? It goes without saying that there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to win money gambling because it’s all about how lucky you can get! Even so, you’ll be surprised to know that it’s quite possible to win lots of money when playing at online casinos. You just have to choose the right games!

Rake In Millions

Slots are the best games to play online for the simple reason that they can give you excellent returns for practically no effort; you can wager tiny sums of money on these games and don’t have to learn any special methods of playing. All you need to do is place your bets and let the reels do the trick for you. If you’re lucky, you can win a lot of money by wagering a very small amount.

However, you do need to learn about the most lucrative types of slot games so that you can try them out as well.

Progressive Jackpots Have The Biggest Wins

Regular slot games have fixed jackpots irrespective of how many people play them. Progressive jackpots, on the other hand, increase in size whenever an additional person plays them since a portion of the wager goes towards the jackpot amount. Whenever the jackpot is won by a lucky player, the pot gets seeded all over again at a minimum level. While some jackpots are linked to a particular slot game, others are linked to a large network since many online casinos have the same platform. Needless to say, the latter type of jackpots can grow very large quite quickly because thousands of people all across the globe are playing the same slot game. As a matter of fact, there are at least 30 different progressive slot games that give out million-dollar jackpots frequently.

Mega Moolah slot is one of the biggest progressive jackpot available on the internet today. This exciting slot game from Microgaming starts off with a pot of $1 million, but quickly touches $5 million. In fact, this slot has made so many players millionaires that it found its name in the Guinness Book of World Records for the ‘largest jackpot payout in an online slot machine game’  on 10 December 2015.

Hall of Gods slot, from Net Entertainment, gives out a win at least twice a year, each of which amounts to about $6 million. Other popular progressive slots are Jackpot Giant, Cleopatra’s Chest, Monster Madness, and Aladdin’s Lamp.

Tips To Get The Biggest Wins

Go through the following tips to ensure that your bankroll lasts as long as possible so that you can keep playing for a huge win:

  • Be aware of the rules of the game you are playing, particularly regarding the minimum amount to be wagered or else you might not qualify to collect a win. When in doubt, contact the customer support to get all the details.
  • Keep aside a budget to play progressive slot games. Since you’ll be wagering a higher amount than usual on these games, you might deplete your bankroll quickly and dip into your casino playing budget. Having a separate bank account or card only for gambling has worked well for many players.
  • Choose a slot game that hasn’t yet given out a jackpot. While the jackpot winners are decided absolutely randomly, there’s a good chance that a game will take a few months or so to be won.

So go ahead and play the game that seems most likely to have a win; you’ll have a great time gambling and might have lots of money to take away! You may want to consider progressive jackpot games other than Mega Moolah slot has there are already a ton of people playing it.

The Story Behind the Creator of Spartacus Gladiator of Rome Slot

Based in Chicago, Illinois, WMS Gaming is a subsidiary of WMS Industries. In 2013, WMS Industries became a fully owned subsidiary of Scientific Games Corporation. WMS Gaming is a manufacturer of video lottery terminals, slot machines as well as gaming software. These products help casinos manage their gaming operations in a better way. WMS Gaming also offers mobile and online games like Spartacus Gladiator of Rome Slot.

WMS-GamingWMS Gaming has been in the reel-spinning slot machine market for than two decades now. They entered in 1994 and within only 2 years, in 1996, they launched their first casino slot machine, Reel ’em In. It was a multi-coin, multi-line secondary bonus slot machine that became a huge hit. A number of similar games like Filthy Rich, Boom and Jackpot Party followed.

A couple of years later, by 2001, WMS Gaming had introduced its popular Monopoly-themed series of slot games. Since then, WMS Gaming has obtained licenses to create gaming machines that uses several famous brands. Instead of selling the games to the casino, WMS Gaming has developed a clever strategy. They lease or license the games to the online casinos. In this way, they can go on making money as long as their games are hosted on all the online casinos.

The well-known brands that they have created as slot machines are Clue, The Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, The Wizard of Oz, Hollywood Squares and Men in Black among others. Some of these games are networked within the casinos and with multiple casinos as well. This gives the players an opportunity to win huge jackpots based on how many machines are in the network.

Such type of branded games proved to be a hit among the players and made a lot of money for the company. It’s revenues grew to a whopping $783.3million in 2011.

A Look at WMS Gaming’s Products, Technology and Business

Their products have in fact, helped move the gaming industry trend away from the generic mechanical slot machines of the past. Their slot machines are known to incorporate intellectual properties that are quite familiar. They have also focused on including creative ways for players to make money.

Earlier, the mechanical slot machines had limited themes like the famous Liberty Bell, black bars, fruits, horse shoes, bells and stars, and card suits. However, with the launch of their very first slot machine, Reel ’em In, for the first time people were able to experience what it’s like to play on a slot machine that has multi-coin and multi-line secondary bonus pay-outs.

The changing demographics of the gaming industry are quite evident in some of WMS Gaming’s product designs. The younger generation who have grown up playing video games like more challenging experiences-both mentally as well as physically. Hence, some of the slot machines developed by WMS Gaming include surround sound, full-colour and animated images as well as flat-panel display screens.

In 2010, WMS started offering online gaming to the UK residents and the following year in 2011 at 2012 saw WMS Gaming partnering with Large Animal Games. Their partnership culminated in to Lucky Cruise. It’s a cruise ship-themed Facebook game application that has incorporated a lot of WMS Gaming’s slot machine. The game play is very similar to play a slot machine, but there’s a light strategy component, which makes it even more exciting. The players are supposed to take the help of their Facebook friends to collect lucky charms, instead of money.

When the company experienced a decline in revenues from the casino market, they went ahead and launched gaming on mobile devices, the future of the gaming market. They also focused on expanding their online gaming portfolio.

Today approximately 70% of WMS Gaming’s revenues come from their customers in the US. They have their corporate office and manufacturing facilities in Illinois and other sales and field services and development offices across the United States. They also have international development and distribution facilities across the world.

Casinos with Spartacus Slot

spartacus slot gameplay 7With slot players in particular having such a huge variety of different slot games they can get stuck into playing at any casino site they sign up to, if you are thinking of playing slots online or via a mobile device then it will often pay dividends for you to carefully select the casino you sign up to as a new player.

Some casinos will only have a range of slot machines that have been designed and supplied from one company on offer via their gaming software player, and it will probably not take you very long to play all of those games and that may lead you to finally get bored of playing the same games over and over again!

With that in mind you are going to be far better off opting to play at a casino site at which you will have access to lots of different designers slots, for that will ensure you always have a very wide range of slot games available all of which will be offering you something different.

WMS have been famed for their range of high variance land based slot machines for many decades now, and it is very true to say that over those years they have designed and then launched some of the most exciting slots, one of which is the Spartacus slot.

There are lots of unique aspects to playing the Spartacus slot that we think you are going to be intrigued by and as such below we will enlighten you on how that slot game plays and pays and just what online casino sites you should be looking to play not only play that slot machine but also get access to the best bonuses and player promotions too!

Where to Play the Spartacus Slot

spartacus slot paytableDue to the sheer popularity of the range of WMS slot games, and with players never being able to get enough of playing their range of slots, you are now going to find a huge and ever growing number of casino sites and also a range of bingo sites that have this and all other WMS designed games on offer at their sites.

For access to the very highest valued slot game bonus offers and promotions then it will probably be more beneficial for you to sign up and play at an online or mobile casino site as opposed to a bingo site for the former do tend to have many more slot related bonuses and promotions available to their players.

However, irrespective of whether you do decide to play the Spartacus slot for real money at an online or mobile bingo or casino sites, each of them will be offering you some form of comp or loyalty club that will always reward all of your action on this slot.

As the payout percentage is set high and as this slot is something of a high variance type of slot always do keep in mind however that no matter at which site you do end up playing it as you should always configure the stakes you play it for according to your available bankroll.

If you play it for too high a stake levels then there is the very real chance it could eat up your bankroll very quickly, and with that in mind do try and set the slot in such a way that you will get plenty of base game spins from your bankroll.

Even when playing this slot as a penny slot there have been plenty of big jackpot winners! Thanks to some massive deposit match type bonuses available at many different casino sites you should consider utilizing and claiming one of those bonuses if you want something of an extended slot playing session on the Spartacus slot.

For by claiming such a bonus you will find your deposited amount is greatly enhanced in value once the bonus funds have been added to your account, which will either let you increase the stakes you are playing it for or will be able to get some even longer sessions with those bonus credits.

The art of knowing the best slot game related bonuses to use on the Spartacus slot may take you a little time to master! However, the general rule of thumb is that it will be the bonus that gives you a high number of bonus credits as a percentage of your deposited amount and also the bonuses which have the lowest play through requirements that offer the best value!

Keep in main we have handpicked each of the casino sites to showcase to you throughout our website based on just how generous those sites are in regards to their bonus offers and their respective loyalty and casino comp clubs!

What Makes the Spartacus Slot Unique?

All slot games are going to be unique, not only will the theme be different to must other slot games but the features and any bonus games that could be triggered and awarded to you can and will vary depending on which slot you play.

Let is therefore pinpoint and highlight a few different aspects to the Spartacus casino slot that we think makes this a slot that does standout from the very crowded slot game market place, and we are fairly confident that it will be a slot you will want to play online!

Colossal Reels – There is something very noticeable about the Spartacus slot and that is when you play it you will have two sets of reels in live play one very single spin you play off. There is a standard set of five video reels located on the left hand side of the screen but on the right hand side of the screen there is the special set of Colossal Reels.

Whenever you send the reels spinning some of your activated paylines will be in play on screen one whilst screen two will also contain your remaining activated pay lines!

Nudging Reels – Something very unique will happen if on the first set of reels those on the left hand of the screen which are the first set of reels to stop, you get a stacked set of wild symbols spinning in on any of those reels.

What will happen is that that entire stack of wild reels will stay in place on the reels they spun in on however they will then replicate and nudge themselves over to the same numbered reel on the second set of reels on the right hand side of the screen!

What you will be hoping does happen is that you get as many of the reels on the left hand set of reels spinning in covered with a complete set of stacked wild symbols for those will then be nudged over to the second set of reels and the more wild reels you get the much increased chance you will have of forming multiple winning combinations!

One thing to point out in regards to the wild symbols in play on the Spartacus casino slot is that they will stand in for all of the standard reel symbols, the only reel symbols that they will not stand in for are the scatter symbols!

If you have not yet got your head around the way in which the Nudging Wild Reels work and operate then do give this slot a whirl for free as it won’t be very long when playing it until a set of stacked wild symbols do spin in and you will then see how they nudge over to the other reel set!

High Payout Percentage – WMS certainly know how to configure all to their slot games to ensure that all slot players get the maximum entertainment value out of playing them, no matter at what stake levels they choose to play them for.

One thing you really are going to appreciate about the online version of the Spartacus slot is that its payout percentage has been set very high and for reference that RTP is some 95.94%, which does compare very well to some of the many other video slot games you can play online!

Free Spins Bonus Game – All of the odds numbered reels on both sets of reel sets have scatter symbols on them, and whenever you have at least three of them on either or both of those reel sets you will he get to play off a set of free spins.

The free spins will, as you would expect, play off with the same number of paylines in play as you have on the base game triggering spin but the more scatter symbols that spin in the more free spins you are awarded with.

Get just three scatter symbols spinning into view and you will play off 8 initial free spins, which grows in number to 12 free spins for getting four scatter symbols anywhere in view from a single base game spin. Five or six scatter symbols anywhere in view will award you with a set of 20 initial free spins.

Bingo Sites with Spartacus Slot

spartacus slot 1It is not only bingo games that you are going to be able to access and play when you sign up and log into any bingo site these days, for you will also come across a large and very varied range of side games many of which are action packed video slots!

The main reason why many bingo sites have added a range of different casino based games is that thanks to the way the software platforms work and operate, it is possible for players to play bingo whilst also launching those side games into the same window, and as such you could win on any of the bingo cards you have purchased whilst additionally spinning in a high valued payout from any slot game too.

One of the most played bingo slots is the Spartacus slot, that slot is one of many slot machines that were originally designed as land based slot machines by WMS that have now been configured as both mobile and online bingo slots.

In this guide we shall be taking a look at not only the unique features attached to the Spartacus bingo slot but we will also be letting you know just which bingo sites you should be looking to play that slot game at.

As bonuses, comps and often free sets of slot game spins can be awarded to you when you sign up to any of our top rated bingo sites, if you do like the way the Spartacus slot has been designed then make sure you do make full use of the bonuses that we will also be showcasing to you through this website, and they are all there for the taking!

Choosing the Best Bingo Sites to Play the Spartacus Slot

spartacus slot paytable 2You will probably be looking for a bingo site primarily to play bingo at, however, once you do find out just how very exciting many of the different side games and slot games such as the Spartacus slot games are to play, then you will probably find a fair amount of the time you are playing at a bingo site will be allocated to those side games!

We have listed lots of different bingos sites and have reviewed each of them on this website, and below we have highlighted several different things you will always be assured of no matter at which bingo site you decide to play at which offers the Spartacus slot machine and a range of other slot games and side games too.

Instant Play – WMS design only instant play slot games so one thing you will notice when you sign up to and play at any online bingo site offering you the Spartacus slot is that you will be playing those slot games from within a web browser, and will never be forced to have to download anything onto your computer to be able to access those games.

You will also find that many of the other highly playable and great paying WMS slot games are becoming available at more and more bingo sites, so you will always have a large selection of them available to you!

Certified Fair Games – Fair and completely random bingo games and slot games are whatever every single play will be demanding and expecting no matter where they choose to play their favourite games, and that is something you are going to be guaranteed at when you choose to play at any or all of our featured bingo sites.

All online as well as mobile bingo sites have certified fair and random games and are all regulated and licensed by a respected gambling commission or gaming authority too.

Multi Stakes – All bingo games and slot games will be offered to you for different ticket prices and stake levels and as such you will often find that as a slot player interested in playing the bingo slot version of the Spartacus slot game you will have plenty of ways to configure each spin you play off.

The chance of winning some very sizeable winning payouts are always going to be on offer to you when playing any WMS slot games for they are all famed for being rather high variance slots which do reward players with mega winning payouts quite frequently!

Bonuses and Comps – The types of bonuses offered by each of our top rated and approved bingo sites are always going to be wide and varied, however what you will find is that they do tend to have more offers available much more regularly than say online casino sites.

That means that as both a slot player and someone who enjoys playing bingo you are going to have access to many more promotional offers and bonus when playing at a bingo site!

Playing the Spartacus Bingo Slot

It is via any web browser that you are going to be able to play the bingo slot version of the Spartacus slot game, for all WMS designed and supplied slots have been designed as instant play slot games.

Do not be put off playing this instant play slot thinking you will be making any type of compromise when playing it at any online bingo site for the graphics, animations and all of the sound effects are identical to the land based version of the slot and you will be able to play it for a range of different stake levels too!

Two Sets of Reels – You can put into play a huge number of optional paylines when playing the Spartacus slot, however instead of having your paylines in play and activated on just one single reel set you will have to sets of reels in live play.

One the left hand side of the screen there is a huge strip of reel symbols you will see in view, and those five reels are known as the Colossal Reels, mainly due to the fact there are 12 in view symbols on each of those five reels. On the other side of the screen you will see a standard set of five video reels on which just 4 in view reel symbols can be found displayed.

95.94% Payout Percentage – Keep in mind that many bingo sites do award their own respective comp and loyalty points and as such the more you play this slot for real money the more additional bonus credits you can claim when redeeming your points.

As the Spartacus bingo slot comes with a certified payout percentage of a high 95.94% you will find you get longer slot playing sessions due to the frequency at which the winning payouts are awarded which means more comps will also be coming your way too!

Lots of Free Spins – The Spartacus bingo slot is a slot offering a free spins bonus feature round and when playing it you will be hoping that you manage to get at least three of the scatter symbols spinning into view on either of the two reel sets or both of them.

The scatter symbols will only ever appear on reels one, three and five on either or both reel sets and you will have to get at least three of them anywhere in view to trigger a set of initial free spins. However, get four scatter symbols in view and you are then going to play off 12 initial free spins and getting five or all six scatter in view will see you getting the maximum number of free spins which is 20 of them.

Wild Symbols – You are probably used to seeing wild symbols spinning in when playing most slot games at any bingo site you play at regularly. The vast majority of slots these days do come with some form of wild symbols and those symbols will stand in for most of the other reel symbols.

However, what you are going to find on offer on the Spartacus bingo slot is that there is a very unique set of wild symbols that are going to quite noticeably increase your chances of winning whenever they have been spun in a certain way!

What the wild symbols initially will do on this slot is to stand in for every other reel symbol but not the scatter symbols. However, they have been placed onto the reel strips in such a way that on the first set of reels they can spin in and cover every single in view reel position one each of those five video reels.

Those stacked wild symbols will also perform a very special task whenever they have been spun in on one or more reels in such a way they do cover all in view reel positions on any one or more reels.

That task is to replicate themselves on the other set of reels. So by spinning in for example a set of stacked reels on the first reel of the first reel set you will then see the first reel on the Colossal Reels set also being complete covered in wild symbols!

How to Play Spartacus Gladiator of Rome Slot

spartacus slot 2Having a full working knowledge of how every single online slot game being offered to you by an online or mobile casino site is then going to enable you to pick out and play the slots that will be giving you something of a fully rounded slot playing experience.

Whilst you are going to come across basic three reel slots online, the ones which are always going to give you the most excitement and the best value from your slot playing bankroll are the video slots on which bonus games and bonus features can be trigged and awarded to you.

The Spartacus Gladiator of Rome slot game is one of a large range of slots that WMS has designed, originally their range of games were only available in land based casino venues, however thanks to the launch of their interactive arm of the company you are now going to find many of their all time classic and most played slot machines can now be accessed and played online too.

Should you be seeking out some extremely high variance slots to play that could see you winning a large payout from one base game spin or from one single bonus feature, then we really do think you should read through this guide on how to play Spartacus slot, for we just know when you do you will love everything about it and will be itching to give it some play time online real soon!

Design and Structure

spartacus slot 1As with any slot game that you may never have seen or played before you will always be best off learning how that slot game has been designed to determine whether it is going to be one you will enjoy playing dependent on just what it is you look for from such a slot.

With that in mind we have a breakdown of the playing structure and format that you will find attached to the Spartacus Gladiator of Rome slot game below!

Keep in mind that this slot is an instant play slot so when you do come across it at any online casino or online bingo site you will never be forced to wait until the game and the gaming platform of the site you are playing at downloads and installs!

Pay Lines – The very first thing you will notice when you choose to play the Spartacus slot is that there are two sets of reels attached to the game. There is a standard set of 5 video reels each with four visible reel symbols. However, there is also an additional set of what are known as Colossal Reels located on the right hand side of the screen.

Those Colossal Reels contain 12 visible reel symbols and there are five reels on that side of the screen. You do however have the option of putting into play 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 pay lines per spin which will be spread over both of those two reel sets, so a winning combination could be spun in on either of the screens or both of them.

Stake Options – You will have more than enough coin values that you can set this slot game to have in play, the very lowest one on offer is just 0.01 so you could play it for pennies if you want to keep your stake levels down to the absolute minimum. Be aware that one coin wagered will cover two pay lines so it is something of a cost effective slot to play too!

Payouts – You can take a look at the pay table at any time the reels are not in live play and to do so simply click on the pay table button located underneath the reels on the left hand side of the screen.

That pay table will give you a complete breakdown of what you can win when you have spun in a matching set of reel symbols on any of your activated pay lines. One thing worth knowing about this slot is that it has a high payout percentage that has been certified as being 95.94%!

Free Spins – You will end up playing off a set of free spins once you have spun in at least three of the scatter bonus symbols. Keep in mind that as this slot has two sets of reels and as it is on the odd numbered reels only that have the scatter bonus symbols them it is possible to spin in as many as six scatter symbols.

Spinning in three, four or five scatter symbols will see you being awarded with a set of 8, 12 and 20 free spins resistively, there are no additional free spins awarded for getting all six scatter spinning in as that will see you playing of the maximum 20 initial free spins!

Stacked Wilds – All of the reels on the left hand side reel set have a set of stacked wild symbols on their respective reel strips and as such when playing this slot it is perfectly feasible that you will spin in a set of wilds on one or more reels on the left hand side that will cover each reel in wild symbols.

That will in fact be something that you will want to see happening when playing this slot, for each time one or more than one of the reels on the left hand side of the screen are spun in covered with wild symbols those wild symbols will then be replicated on the same numbered reel on the set of Colossal Reels.

So by spinning in lots of reels covered completely in wild symbols there is a very good chance that you are going to win a huge amount of cash, probably much more so when you are playing for high stakes or get them spinning in via the free spins bonus game which comes with a special multiplier!

Where to Play

There are several factors that you need to take into account when choosing a site at which to play the Spartacus Gladiator of Rome slot game, and with that in mind always spend some time researching at which site you do choose to play this game at.

You will in fact have three different types of gaming sites that you can pick and choose from and to give you some ideas we have a roundup of where this WMS designed slot game is on offer, as one of them will be best suited with what other games you may also be looking to play!

Online Casinos – Instant play casino sites are where you are going to find this slot on offer at, and you will also find that dependent on just which one you choose to play at you will have a range of adjustable player option settings too.

One feature most casinos now offer their players is the auto play feature, and by selecting it you will find you can set the slot to play itself on your chosen stake levels for as many consecutive spins you want to see playing off automatically, which may be handy if you are playing through bonus funds!

Mobile Casinos – We do know that more and more slot players are opting to download a casino app or play casino slot games such as this one on a mobile device via the web browser attached to their device.

There will be no differences what so ever if you do decide to play the Spartacus slot on your mobile phone or tablet device, for the same staking options will be available to you and the mobile version of this slot game and it will have the exact same long term expected payout percentage as the online version of the game!

Bingo Sites – If you love playing bingo but you also fancy getting stuck into playing this slot then there are quite a number of bingo sites that have the WMS designed range of slot games on offer as side games at their sites.

One of the advantages of playing at such a site is that you can play your favourite bingo games but also play this and any other slot machine at the same time from within the same window. Both free pay and real money options of this slot are available at all bingo sites which carry it, so you can test it out if you like!

All of the casinos, bingo and mobile sites that we have chosen to present to you throughout this website will be offering you a range of different sign up bonuses to welcome you on board as a real money player, and a range of additional bonuses will also be available to you.

However, please do make sure you familiarize yourself with all of the terms and conditions attached to each bonus you are thinking of claiming, and those terms and conditions will either make any such bonus worth claiming or a bonus you are probably best off not claiming!