The Partnership of Pariplay and to Offer Spartacus Slot to Their Players

Pariplay Ltd. has been in news for its recent partnership with Pariplay is a gaming technology company that has been offering its services to the brick and mortar casinos, various iGaming operators and iLotteries. It is basically a content partnership that will integrate the gaming portfolio of Pariplay through the content network called FUSION. When talking of, it is an online casino based in Belgium and is operated by a traditional casino called Casino de Spa.

About Casino de Spa

Casino de Spa was found in the year 1763 and since then, it has been offering the newest of the new slots to the players. In fact, it is the longest serving casino in the entire Europe. The casino is making profits from both the land-based casino players and the online players through its casino. The online casino of the company is regulated by the Belgium Gaming Commission and has become very popular among the players from across the globe with its widest variety of slot games like Spartacus slot and table games including craps, baccarat, roulette blackjack etc.

The casino continues to captivate the attention of more and more players through its live casino that works in English and all the other Belgian national languages including German, Dutch, and French. Thus, you will not have any issues even if you are not well-versed in any one of these languages. You can always choose the second option.

Overview of the Partnership Between Pariplay and

Without a doubt, Pariplay has made a very smart move by associating with The company is well aware of the fact that is already partner with iSoftBet and the partnership with the later can result into its benefits. After the partnership deal, both iSoftBet and Pariplay will get the liberty to distribute each other’s games through platform. Furthermore, will be able to offer Pariplay’s games to its fans. Yes, it will have complete access over the gaming portfolio of Pariplay through Fusion.

The Expansion of Portfolio

The partnership with Pariplay will bring in great benefits to casino. The casino will be able to expand its gaming variety by adding the different popular games of Pariplay such as The Magical Forest, Fish & Chips, Las Cucas Locas and Fur Ball to name a few. It will also offer some of the most branded Pariplay games like The Three Stooges and Atari Black Widow.

Since these games are already a hit among the online casino players, it will help to captivate the attention of the players who are not a member of the site yet. In addition, the games that Pariplay is currently working upon will also be available at after they have been launched. Thus, it implies that casino is going to gain great through the partnership.

The Benefit to Pariplay

Adrian Bailey, General Manager at Pariplay Ltd. clearly mentioned that the company is glad to be partnered with By rendering its games through platform will increase the player’s trust in Pariplay’s gaming products, he added. After its inception in the year 2010, it is the company’s first step to enter into the regulated Belgian market.

The company has even received its license to offer its games to the UK market without any hassles. Thus, it can be seen that this partnership is going to very fruitful for both the companies bringing in better growth and revenues to both of them. When it comes to players of casino, they are just eager to try the Pariplay’s games and enjoy better opportunities to make more cash!

Online Casinos and Slots like Spartacus Slot Affecting Traditional Casinos

Perhaps, everything has gone online. Right from buying food, outfits to keeping in touch with the friends, every activity is being done online. Likewise, the craze of online casino gaming has also increased with more and more people preferring online casinos over their traditional counterparts. The popularity of online casinos has increased to the height that it has become a threat to the land-based casinos. These days, the traditional ones are just struggling to captivate the attention of the players who have not yet become a member of any online casino.

Why are Online Casinos Preferred over Land-based Casinos?


To start with, the players find it very convenient to access their much-liked slots within the comforts of their home only. Online casinos make it possible for the players to play games from any corner of the world. All they need is a desktop or laptop with the internet connection. In fact, many sites provide their mobile version also, which acts as just cheery on the top. On the other hand, it is just next to impossible for the traditional casino to offer such convenience to the players.

Social Experience

Today’s generation likes to be social and interactive with others even while they are playing. Online casinos let players interact with each other during the game and compete. No doubt, traditional casinos offer players a chance to hang out with friends physically and have fun but not all players are looking for this. Some are only looking for the latest games to be played within their comfort zone.

A Variety of Games

This is the most important factor behind the increasing popularity of online casinos. The online casinos offer the widest variety of slots, table games and Bingo. Whether you wish to play Spartacus slot, baccarat or craps, you can try your hands at all in an online casino. The online casinos operate inexpensive, as they do not have to spend anything on the salaries of their staff, meals, and drinks. As a result of this, they are only focused at expanding their portfolio of games. All they spend is on launching newest slots every month to retain the interest of the players.

Cost Effective

In an online casino, you do not have to spend anything on buying meals, drinks, parking fee and paying tips to the staff. You can just concentrate on your game and use your money on betting. It means that you actually save a lot of money while you are signed up at an online casino. You save your time too, which is otherwise spent on traveling to the land-based casino.

Safe Banking

Online casinos offer some of the safest options to make the deposits and withdrawals. The introduction of the concept of crypto-currency has made many players to sign up at online casinos. Bitcoin is preferred by many players, as it is the most secured method and the withdrawals are done without any delays. It shows that online casinos are doing their every bit to provide all the facilities to the players to provide them unique gaming experience.

Therefore, it is clear that the online casinos are way ahead the traditional casinos. In future, more and more online casinos are likely to pop up around the world with the increase in a number of online gambling fans. If you have still not experienced the gambling at an online casino then it is better that you sign up now. Once you have tasted the thrill and benefits of online gambling, you are sure to become an addict of it. Thus, get ready to have the best online gaming experience now!

Expansion of Online Casinos and Its Effect on Games Like Spartacus Slot in New York City

The New Year 2017 is expected to bring about a gambling revolution in the New York State, as the state is planning to legalise online gambling. The foundation of this has already been kept with the opening of the first land based casino in Tioga Downs in Upstate New York. This casino actually marked an end of the monopoly of the tribes based in New York. It can be said that the expansion of traditional casinos will support online gambling to get approval by the state.

The Expansion of Traditional Casinos

In the year 2013, the voters of New York extended their support for the construction of traditional casinos in the city. They voted in favor of opening four casinos in some particular locations of the state, which broke the monopoly of the tribes. In addition to this, the Gaming Facility Location Board suggested three facilities that were eligible for licensing in 2014.

Moving to the following year then, it further recommended Tioga Downs for licensing. It is true that Tioga was the last casino to get the approval but became the first to open. In the present year 2017, another three casinos are expected to get open including Montreign Resort Casino in Adelaar, Rivers Casino & Resort in Schenectady and Del Lago Resort & Casino in Waterloo.

Consequences of Expansion and State’s Action

With the rise of online gambling, the state fears that it will increase the cases of gambling addictions too. As a result of this, the Cuomo administration of the state has taken a step forward to help such addicts in receiving inpatient care. The reports reveal that the state has approved six addiction treatment centers so that, the addicts can get inpatient treatment and get cured at the soonest.

The program allows for 30 days of such treatment under the supervision of a health professional. While talking about the new program, the state is not aiming at increasing the number of beds in the current centers. However, only the patients diagnosed with gambling addictions will be admitted to these centers for the treatment.

In the Words of Susan Craig

Susan Craig, the spokesperson for the agency mentioned in an interview that the issues of problem gambling are under the substance abuse services office. She said that the agency is preparing itself to deal with the upcoming issues of gambling addiction. It is sure that the issues of gambling will rise with the increase in the number of new casinos. However, under the new program, the gambling addiction will be considered a primary diagnosis unlike earlier when it was taken as a secondary diagnosis.

The state is unsure about the number of addicts seeking the 30-day treatment. Nonetheless, it is sure that the current number of beds will be sufficient to treat the existing number of patients. In case, one center is filled then the patients can be admitted to the other center. For instance, if the Buffalo center is full then the addicts can be taken to the center in Rochester.

The Bottom Line

It is worth appreciating that the New York state is taking outstanding steps towards the rise of online gambling and the measures to deal with the gambling addiction. It shows that the state is strengthening itself to confront all kinds of situations. The New Yorkers bet more than millions every day on their much-preferred slots like Spartacus slot. More online casinos would mean more betting resulting into more addiction. However, the state seems ready for everything and is only focusing on increasing the revenues through the opening of more and more casinos.

Green Lantern Slot – Full of Action and Thrill Like Spartacus Slot

The media has recently revealed that Warner Bros and Playtech have entered into a licensing deal. A series of retro Batman slots were introduced at the end of 2016. With the success of all the earlier slots, Playtech is on a mission to bring in more exciting slots in the New Year 2017.

For this reason, it is planning to introduce the newest slot called the Green Lantern slot. The news of this slot has also been confirmed by the Online Casino Reports (OCR), as there is a lot of buzz about the same in the past couple of days. It is true that OCR will be the first source to reveal the date of the final release of the slot. Thus, players must stay tuned to OCR to get the latest updates.

About Green Lantern Slot

The slot is based on the Hollywood movie that featured Ryan Reynolds. In the movie, Ryan was a test pilot who is lucky to have an alien ring with supernatural powers. If you have always been a fan of Ryan then you are surely going to love this slot and its various characters.

The major characters that are in the movie appear in symbols in this slot and revolve around the five spinning reels. When it comes to the possible ways of winning, you have more than 240 ways to create the best winning combinations and earn higher rewards. You just need to have the right tricks and tips to play this game smartly.

The Free Spins and Ring Feature of Green Lantern Slot

The Green Lantern slot has free spins feature wherein you can expect to receive free spins during the game. To trigger this feature, you will have to land the masked hero symbol on the second and the fourth reel. With this, landing the actual green lantern symbol on the third reel is also important to get the free spins.

Once you have completed all the requirements, you will be awarded 24 free spins. With this, you must also know that an additional Green Lantern wild is added to the spinning reels when you land up with a lantern. It means that you can land up with a quadrupled payout in this game.

When it comes to the Ring feature, you will have to play in the Bonus bet node in order to activate this feature. You must know that this feature will cost you a bit more, as you will have to place a bet of minimum 60p. This feature is triggered when you land three or more than three bonus symbols on the reels. No doubt, the Ring feature is going to add more excitement to the game.

Other Exciting Features of Green Lantern Slot

The collapsing reels feature is the major attraction of the game. When you will win, these collapsing reels will be triggered and the symbols will explode. In this round, you can enjoy the opportunity to earn more wins without actually spending anything on another spin. In fact, the collapsing reel is capable of increasing the power bar by one unit. In addition to this, you can also expect to receive 10 free spins through Secret Sector Mission and the Training Center Mission.


Without a doubt, the Green Lantern slot is going to captivate the attention of many players right after it has been launched. The game is as interesting as other slots such as Spartacus slot and is sure to make you an addict. Thus, stay updated with the news of its launch and do not miss this amazing slot.

The Christmas Countdown: Captivating and Exciting Online Casino Games Like Spartacus Slot

Yes, Christmas Eve is a much awaited day for most people. Considering the interest of the players and the need of the hour, casinos have come up with the Christmas themed slots. However, it has come a bit early at with the Christmas Countdown. The Christmas Countdown is basically an advent calendar launched by this casino. It comes with a seasonal spin to keep you waiting for Christmas in style.

Origin of Advent Calendars and Christmas Countdown

While talking about the history of these traditional advent calendars, it was introduced by the Germans in the mid nineteenth century. Further, the very first printed calendars came into picture in early 1900s only. Through these calendars, people used to mark doors and count days left for Christmas. In today’s era, it has become much easier, as people can open a door with just few clicks of the mouse.

The Christmas Countdown at has analysed what people want and what can actually captivate their attention. Keeping in mind all the factors, it has tried to offer unique treat every day to its punters through Christmas Countdown. Once you have signed up at this casino, you will be able to make the best out of special and bonuses that are available round the clock. However, you need to be very quick to grab these bonuses, as they will otherwise be lost.

As the name suggests, the theme is entirely Christmassy. You will see those flying reindeers in the sky and a beautiful blue moon in the background. In fact, you will be excited to see the Santa Claus and his canine assistants at the first page at which you are taken after clicking the Christmas Countdown. These assistants are hanged onto the roof and go well with the entire theme. So, you will then be able to click the door of the advent calendar in order to reveal the gift. Make sure that you do not make any delays while grabbing these gifts. The days that are passed are dusted. It is as interesting as Spartacus slot is.

Special Bonuses and Deals as the Christmas Countdown Begins

The site offer some of the most amazing reload bonuses. It includes 50 percent bonus up to $500 and the ‘double your deposit’ bonus option. In fact, you can get more bonuses in the embroidered sleeve of the Santa Claus. The site also offers special prizes just after you have made your first deposit at it. You can expect to receive a deluxe Christmas hamper, scratch card and other gifts. Yes, you can also get 10% cash back facility too. No doubt, cash back is always the finest option for the players.

The two festive promotional offers are available to every player after signing up at the website. These promotions are free to open and will provide you an opportunity to try games without paying anything. Thus, if you want to learn any game before trying it for real money, you can do that at at any time.

The Final Verdict has in it everything that a player requires. The casino promises some of the best things that include gifts, goodies, seasonal fillers and relishing seasonal stuffing. In case, you have missed out any deals or the 24 days bonuses are not enough for you then you can wait for the Christmas day. Yes, the site is going to offer something special on the Christmas day and on its following 12 days.

Thus, what are you waiting for? is the ideal place where you can celebrate Christmas in the most lavish style and can fill your pockets with cash. So, just sign up at and start using the Christmas Countdown!

Poland to Introduce New Gambling Bill to Legalise Online Casino Games Like Spartacus Slot

The government of Poland has already taken its action on online gambling laws. Seven years ago, it outlawed gambling but today, it is planning to consider a new bill. According to this new legislation, sports betting and online poker will be made legal in the country as it was before.

In the Words of the Deputy Prime Minister About the New Gambling Bill

Jaroslaw Gowin, the deputy PM mentioned in an interview with Polish Radio that the government is actively working on the new legislation. He also added that the country had earlier faced multi-billion losses. It happened right after the Gambling Act was launched by Donald Tusk, then Prime Minister in 2009. The losses occurred because the gambling outside casinos was banned completely. However, the present Prime Minister believes that the law must be changed today in order to recover the losses.

Yes, it is true that online gambling industry contributes to the maximum profit of the nation. He also added that bookmakers will continue to operate in the marginal economy. According to Gowin, gambling is going to remain in a shady area for at least next few months. Also, the Poles are expected to lose roughly around PLN 100-300 million per month. He has finally assured that the bill has been approved by the European Commission.

The Efficient Planning of the Finance Ministry for the New Gambling Bill

Poland’s Ministry of Finance is all set to make the required modifications in the bill. The ministry confirmed that the amendments will include casino operators to offer online slots. Nonetheless, these operators must work under the gaming guidelines and should follow all the gambling protection laws. The law further revealed that these slots will be nationalized and will be promoted to attract the attention of punter across the nation.

The ministry has also planned to legalize all the land-based slots on condition that these slots will be covered by the state monopoly. In addition to this, it has also realised that online slots are very addictive and can be of great harm. Hence, the ministry is planning to ensure that these slots will be allowed only in the dedicated areas under control. The ministry is trying it’s hard to boost up its efforts to enforce against all the international operators that are today rendering their services in the Polish Market.

The finance ministry has revealed that the new gambling law will be enforced from the 1st January 2017 and will be applied to all the casinos. At present, it has confirmed that the recommended amendments have been submitted to the different branches of the government to take their approval on the same. Gowin has also stated that the second bill will also be introduced after the clear success of the first one. After the first law has liberalized the entire system and has established the fact that the bill is safe to be used by the bookmaker services and to play online poker, the second bill will be considered.


It can be clearly seen that the government of Poland is now reconsidering the legalization of gambling in the nation. The country has understood that it is only gambling that can balance its losses incurred in the past months when gambling was banned. No doubt, the news of the new bill has come as a ray of hope for all the online gaming developers and operators who were otherwise facing great losses in their business. Now, these operators are going to enter the market again with a bang with the most interesting slots like Spartacus slot to captivate the attention of the punters. On the other hand, players are all excited to play their favorite slots once again and make cash.

Silver Lion Slot: A Magnificent Slot like Spartacus Slot Launched By LeoVegas Casino

LeoVegas casino has come up with the latest slot called Silver Lion Online slot. Lightning Box Games has designed the slot keeping in mind the gaming needs of the punters. In this 5×4 reel slot, the players will get an opportunity to ride across the safari in 1024 ways. You will be able to explore the entire African Savannah to hunt for the mythical Silver Lion.

The best part is that the slot has been built on HTML5, which makes it compatible for smartphones, desktop and laptop. This slot is hosted by Odobo games platform and has been developed to be played on the mobiles with no hassles. This means that you can use your thumbs and fingers to explore the slot machine safari. You will find the controls of the game in the expandable menus at the side of the game.

Theme and Display of Silver Lion Slot

The Silver Lion is the most magnificent game that you can ever play. The slot is themed upon classic African Safari with some of the other mysterious elements. The amazing part of the slot is that the 5 reels keep on revolving around the white lions. You must know that white lions are seen in the Timbavati region, South Africa. The backdrop of the slot is full of late evening lighting and enhances the overall appearance of the shining lions on the reels.

Not only this, even the other animals that are seen in this slot also glow with a unique magical aura including meerkats, hippopotamus and zebras. All these wild beasts look attractive and amazing. While talking about the graphics of the game, it has been built with perfection. The developer has used the two-dimensional artwork like many other Lightning Box titles to give it a traditional look. Like Spartacus Slot, this game is also going to attract the attention of millions across the globe.

The Riches of the Silver Lion Slot

It offers you 1026 to win by creating the best winning combinations. You need to hunt for the matching icons on the reels that start from left and goes towards right. After you have found the matching symbols, the multiplier prize will be applied to the amount that you have wagered. The options for this are 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 2.50, and 5.00. You must know that the chosen bet is always multiplied by 40x. It only shows that you have just more than enough ways to win.

The Bottom Line

Certainly, the slot offers a natural calm with that 2D artwork and other animal icons that glow. The sound effects and graphics are sure to make you go crazy and fall for this game. The winning potential is just outstanding and you can expect to return home with pockets full of cash. In addition to this, the players can take the advantage of 200x total bet multiplier when five scatters appear on the reels. Yes, you can enjoy the jackpot of 4,000 credits after wagering the highest bet. In fact, the bonus scatter symbols will offer you up to 20 free games and the wild symbols will offer 2x and 3x multiplier during the free spins.

So, what are you waiting for? Just sign up at any authentic casino website that offers Silver Lion online slot and start playing. Make sure that you read the terms and the rules of the game beforehand only. It is better to enquire about the safe banking methods offered by the casino and the customer support services offered. Thus, enjoy the Silver Lion Slot and make huge cash!

Troll Hunters: An Exciting Slot by Play’n GO Just Like Spartacus Slot

Play’n GO has remained a leading developer of casino games until date. The company always comes up with the most advanced and the highly interesting slots to draw the attention of the players. Recently, it has made the news by launching its newest slot named Troll Hunters. No doubt, this game is entirely different from its counterparts.

The most fascinating part about the Troll Hunters slot is that the game does not have any pay lines. Yes, you heard it right! In fact, it offers you much improved chances to make money by locating three or more symbols together. Yeah, the same way you do it in Candy Crush Saga. By introducing this game, the developer has tried to focus on social gaming and making a social gambling ambience in the online slot industry.

About Troll Hunters Slot

The theme of the slot is a bit heroic and full of action. Here, you will find three Viking maidens who shoulder the responsibility to protect their village against the attack of evil trolls. In addition, the symbols of the game are another major attraction with those skulls, golden runes wilds and medallions all over.

In Troll Hunters slot, what all that matters is the bet size. The absence of pay lines puts entire emphasis on the size of the bet that you are placing. You can wage between $0.20 and $40. It means that whether you are a small wager or a giant one, the game will serve your needs.

Some Additional Features of Troll Hunters Slot

In the game, you will have to match three or more symbols and when you do it, they will explode. After explosion, you will see a golden rune left behind and reserving place for other present symbols. Furthermore, the bonus is also revealed, which is otherwise hidden behind the rows. After you have unveiled one or more bonus writings, you will be able to initiate the bonus game.

While the bonus games feature is on, the players will instantly get ten free spins. You must know that the game will reward you only when you have five or more same symbols anywhere on the reels. Here, all the existing symbols actually act like scatter symbols. To add on, if you have been lucky enough to clear the entire board in a single game then you can expect to get one-time payment of 1000x the bet. Yes, this is the special feature of the game!

The Bottom Line

Without a doubt, Troll Hunters is going to keep your interest intact like Spartacus Slot. The game has been developed for the punters of all shapes and sizes. It is certainly going to gain a lot of attention from the online casinos fans from across the globe. It is the time that you go and explore the Troll Hunters slot yourself. You just need to first sign up at Play’n GO powered casinos and become a member of it.

Make sure that you acquire complete information about the casino before signing up at any one. The casino has to be a licensed one and should have experience of years in the respective industry. In addition to this, it should offer customer support round-the-clock, so that you are able to contact them even at the odd hours. Reading the customer testimonials of the casino is always the finest option to know about the quality of the services. You must know that if you have signed up at an illegal site then you are actually going to fall in troubled waters. Thus, get on with the right casino and try your hands at the ever interesting Troll Hunters slot.

7 Sins: Another Thrilling Online Slot like Spartacus Slot

It is true that online slots developers always endeavor to introduce the most exciting online slots that can retain the interest of the players. At present, it will not be difficult to find an online slot based on any particular theme, as almost all the major themes have been used. To offer something different and new to its players, Play’n Go has come up with 7 Sins Slot based on a classic theme in a modern setting.

The Display and Graphics of 7 Sins Slot

The moment you will start playing this game, you will be attracted to the middle age art featured in this slot. You will feel as if you have entered a museum of a church of 16th century. The worldly seven sins comprise the symbols of this slot and are the major attraction of the game. No doubt, the slot has an air of classic art to the symbols and has in it everything to offer the most exciting gaming experience to the players across the globe. The sound effects in this game are just superb while the graphics are strong enough to capture your attention.

Other Features of 7 Sins Slot

The 7 Sins Slots has 5 reels and offers 243 pay lines to the players to create the best winning combinations. In this slot, players can have the opportunity to hit the Seven of a Kind to win higher. It further features a Double Lucky 7s wild that is an upgrade of the standard Lucky 7s. Once you have landed the two Double Lucky 7s anywhere on the reels, you will get the opportunity to hit the combos of seven of a kind.

The symbols of seven deadly sins are represented by seven different ladies that are seen in seven different dresses and in different postures. The seven sins include pride, envy, wrath gluttony, greed, lust and sloth. It is true that this slot will make you fight the inner most demons of your own self.

The Free Spins Feature

Like other slots including the Spartacus slots, the 7 Sins Slots also features the free spins feature. The free spins spin gets activated when the player lands three or more Pandora boxes i.e. scatter symbol anywhere on the reels. You must know that only one particular type of sin is present on the reels during every separate free spin in the game.

As a result, it improves the chances of winning and presents you with a growing multiplier. If at all, you have landed with two scatter symbols then you can experience the Double Chance Feature of the slot. As the name suggests, the Double Chance Feature will award you with one more chance to trigger spins. Yes, you will be able to earn some extra cash as a consolation prize with this feature.

The Bottom Line

After having a deep insight into the new 7 Sins slot, it is sure that you must be thinking of trying it at least once. Thus, you can always do that on the online casinos that are powered by Play’n Go including BETJOY Casino, Casino Cruise, Mr. Ringo Casino and others. Make sure that you do good research about the casino before becoming a member of it. You can read the testimonials of the players on the casino’s website to acquire details of the quality of the slots and the different payment methods. In addition to this, it is always suggested to read the terms and conditions of the 7 Sins Slot before you start playing it.

So, do not wait any longer! Sign up at an authentic online casino and start playing 7 Sins slot.

The Most Interesting Real Guy Themed Slots like Spartacus Slot

The competition in the online casino industry has actually become cutthroat putting more pressure on the casino websites to offer something unique. These casinos try their every bit to captivate the attention of millions of punters across the world and the one such way is by offering newer slots every month.

These days, the real guy themed slots have attracted the majority of the audience, as it offers the real time adventure. Once you have start playing them, you would not want to get over it. This article further discusses the five real guy themed slots that have been developed by the major gaming developers and are majorly based on the concept of the movies.

5 Real Guy Themed Slots

Terminator 2 Slot

The first popular real guy themed slot is the Terminator 2. Without a doubt, this slot is much preferred by the thousands and millions of action lovers. The movie itself became a heartthrob among people by featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former governor of California. Considering the interest of the audience, Microgaming has developed a slot based on the same theme. The slot has 5 reels with 243 pay lines and amazing card graphics. The game has free spins feature that can make you win 2950x higher than your stake.

Naughty or Nice Slot

This particular slot has been developed by RTG. As the name itself suggests, the slot features two girls, naughty and nice. This 5 reel game has 50 pay lines offering a maximum of 250 coins. The best part is that it features a progressive jackpot that can actually make you win millions. Players are required to wager minimum one coin per line. The wild symbols here are the two girls, the nice blonde and naughty brunette. You can enjoy the interesting bonus feature in this slot.

Playboy Slot

This slot has 5 reels with 243 pay lines and the jackpot of 7500 coins. The concept of this slot has been taken from the very famous male magazine called Playboy. The magazine has features some of the top personalities like Kate Moss, Pamela Anderson, Marilyn Monroe and Anna Nicole. Running on the same lines, this slot comprises of four random hot ladies symbols that keep the interest of the players intact. Yes, you can enjoy the free spins feature in this slot.

Global Cup Soccer Slot

The Brazil World Cup 2016 is over but the craze of this slot is still on among the punters. The game has been developed by Rival Gaming with 3 reels and only 1 pay line. The slot further features a jackpot 2500 coins and 5x multiplier. The slot logo features the flags of all those nations that participated in it. The highest paying symbol in this game is the referee. If you love playing sports themed slots then this one is just your cup of tea. You are sure to enjoy the adventure and fun here.

Scarface Slot

It was a film directed by Brian De Palma in the year 1983. Based on the same, the Scarface slot has been developed Net Entertainment with tons of bonus and extra features. The game has 3 stacked wild symbols including Manny, Tony Montana and Elvira. Yes, all these are the very characters from the movie only. The game features 5 reels with 20 paylines and offers up to 30 free spins. You can enjoy the bonus round and earn the maximum through it.

Therefore, if you have been bored of playing those regular slots like Spartacus slots then you must try the above mentioned ones. You can browse through different online casinos offering these slots. So, all the best to all you guys out there. May the best man win!